How do Condo Fobs work?

HID condo fob

Apartments and Condo’s supply the owners or tenants with a small Rfid key fob to access the mutual spaces in the building, elevators and garages. Inside the fob is a Rfid chip that is programmed with a unique number that is authorized only by the management of the facility’s and is attached to the owner of the condo unit. Rfid fobs do not need a battery, they draw power when scanned by the Rfid readers.

Different privileges can be given to each owner. Where one owner can open a certain door, and another can’t. Here at Fobcopy we clone this unique number to another Rfid key fob. So the copy and original are exactly the same and will work exactly the same. One thing to note is if you lose the original, and report it lost to your management, they will de-authorize it, and the copy will get de-authorized at the same time because the unique number is the identical.

Rfid key fobs come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They also come in a variety of frequency’s. The Rfid readers need to match the frequency of the fob to work. Some Rfid key fobs are more secure than others based on the method and encryption the manufacture has implemented.


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