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Condo Fob Copy Compatible Fobs

We have the largest selection of fob formats we can copy and duplicate, including Awid, Ioprox, Hid, Kantech, Indala, Iclass, Paradox, Pyramid, Keri, CDVI just to name a few. 

Standard Condo Fobs

We can copy all Low Frequency 125Khz Standard fobs keys. If you dont see a picture of your fob, don't worry. We are confident that we can make a exact fob copy of your proximity key and will work 100%.

High Frequency Condo Fobs

There are many high frequency fobs that look similar to Low frequency fobs but contain higher security technology. We are able to copy most of high frequency fobs that are used in apartments, condos and office buildings.

Infrared ir Fob Remote (City Place Concord)

We can copy the Infrared garage remote fob key. Verified to work at City Place Concord Condo's