Fob Key Copy and Remote Pricing

Fast, friendly and professional service at the best rates

Standa​​rd fob copy

Standard fobs are the most common, includes Indala, Awid, HID, IOPROX, Paradox, Mircom and many more.


High frequency or HID Iclass fob copy

High Frequency Fobs and cards


hid iclass se and seos

New! HID iCLASS Se and SEOS Fobs and Cards


Garage remote

Keyscan, Vertex, Linear Act, ICT, Mircom, LVH, Fairpoint  Remote Copy
2 or 4 Button.



infrared remote fob
city place

High Quality Infrared remote fob key, works for City Place Condos and many more.



Nedap uPass UHF Windsheild sticker, card or tag.


standard key cut

Key cut of most Standard keys


high security key cut

Key cut some High Security keys and some mailbox keys

$7 to $35

remote battery replacement

Replacement of Remote battery.


Car Key Cutting and Remote Copy

Flat rate pricing for almost all vehicles

car key cutting 

Any car key we cut, We supply the blank.


car key cutting and programing

Includes car key cut and transponder programing it to start your car


car key cutting program and remote

Includes car key cut, programming to car, and programming of new remote (most cars)


smart remote programming

Programming of New Smart remote to vehicle.
Most Vehicles.

$250 - 300