CR2032 Battery Garage Remote Replacment

Condo Garage Remote and Car Remote Battery Replacement Service

CR2032 Battery
Remote Battery Replacement Service

Battery Replacement Service NOW available!

How do I change the battery in my remote?

Need a battery replaced for your condo garage remote or your car remote?

Look no further, We carry a large assortment of batteries for all remotes, and offer a convenient battery replacement service.

Its not easy to replace a battery, and many people who attempt to do it them selves end up damaging the circuit of the remote.

Finding the correct battery is another problem. Remote users usually don’t know the type of battery there remote needs, and to find out you will need to open the remote. All remotes have different methods of opening them, so without some experience you risk damaging the remote.

We make it simple! No appointments needed. Just drop by our store at 398B Vaughan Rd in Toronto, show us your remote, and in approx. 10 minutes we will replace your battery. Just that simple.

We support almost all remotes.

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