Medeco and Citywide Key Cutting

Medeco Key Cutting Information
Citywide Key Cutting Information

Medeco keys and Citywide keys are special keys commonly used in condos and apartments because of there high security features.

To cut either of these keys a special key cutting machine is needed. The reason for this is because the inner grooves of the key are cut on a angle.

The keys are made specifically for authorized Medeco or City Wide dealers. They are patented so no one can make a knock off key. When you go to a authorized dealer they will request a card that is given to the original owner of the key. In this case it would be condo management. This card will let the authorized dealer know you are the original owner and that you can duplicate the key. The dealer does not need your key to make a key for you. By having the numbers on the card he can make a key by code on the angled key cutting machine.

Because of the security features put in place, the cost to duplicate these keys can range from $15 to $150.

We recommend contacting your facility / condo management to obtain a spare key because its the simplest way to do it.

We are not a authorized Medeco or CityWide dealer and are unable to duplicate these keys for you.

We do have a large selection of other condo keys and duplicate almost all condo fobs.

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