I need a spare condo key fob

Kantech IOPROX condo fob

Its always good idea to have extra key fobs for your apartment or condo.

If you are renting or the owner it makes sense to store the original key fob in a safe place. If the original is lost it can cost you anywhere from $50 to $350 to get it replaced. This is why everyone should have a few spares. You can give one to a family member, one to the cleaner or even one for the dog walker.

Always think of your safety when giving out a key to your place. Please remember the person you give a extra fob or key to will also be able to duplicate it with out your knowledge. Keeping all this mind, choose who will have a a key or fob wisely.


Real Estate agents can also save there clients money, by directing them to copy there own fob and keys. They can even give them away as a token of there appreciation. A small price to pay to keep your customer happy.

The process is easy, and safe. No documents to fill out. You dont have to wait weeks or months. You visit Fobcopy.ca at any time within operating hours. And we can duplicate as many extras as you want in only a few minutes, while you wait.

The Fobs that we use are more durable then the originals. They are a hard flat plastic shell and tend to last a long time if not forever. We can copy almost every fob so visit us today.

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