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What Fobs We Duplicate

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1346 ProxKey III

The ProxKeyIII is an HID™ fob commonly used in condos around the Greater Toronto Area.

Condoplex Card

Condoplex Proximity Card

The Condoplex Proximity Card is an RFID-equipped card used instead of a fob for some buildings which have installed a Condoplex system.

Datawatch fob

Datawatch key fob

The Datawatch fob is a lower end access product from Datawatch, a company that handles corporate and office building security

ProxKey II HID

HID ProxKey II

The ProxKey II is a widely used HID™ fob. The manufacturer claims it is the most popular fob in the world.

ICT Key Fob remote

Fobcopy can duplicate the RFID half of your ICT remote, for access to the building and the elevators

Schlage Fob


The Schlage IBF-110 is fob that combines both a button and a proximity chip. Most fobs just have the proximity chip.

SecuraKey Fob

SecuraKey Radio Key RKKT01

The SecuraKey RKKT01 is a fob that is compatible with the RK600 Reader.

SecuraKey Fob

SecuraKey Radio Key RKKT02

909 Bay SecuraKey RKKT02. This is another fob from SecuraKey which has a wider compatibility than the RKKT01.

XceedID 7610

The 7610 is a fob similar to the ProxKey and is compatible with many different types of RFID Readers.

Karma Condos Fob


Used at Karma Condos

Fob for Charlie Condo

Charlie Condo fob

This fob is currently in use at Charlie Condo

One York Quay Fob with key

One York Quay Fob with Key

A ProxKey-style fob for One York Quay

Hexagonal fob for Donvale Manor

Hexagonal fob for Donvale Manner

This hexagonal fob is an example of a rarer style of fob that is in use at Donvale Manner in Toronto.

Ice Condo Fob PRGX


This PROX HID™ Fob is used at the ICE Condos in downtown Toronto.

2 button remote

2 button remote for 33 Bay

This remote is an example of a remote we at Pinnacle Centre fob. Fobcopy can duplicate the RFID part of. But we cannot do the parking half.

4 button remote for 5168 Yonge

This 4 button remote fob for 5168 Yonge contains an RFID chip that Fobcopy can duplicate.

909 Bay SecuraKey Fob


This SecuraKey fob is a type of fob that can be duplicated by Fobcopy

Verex GProx Proximity Access Card

Verex G-Prox Card for The Station Condos

Some condos use a key card instead of a fob key for access. The Verex G-Prox is one of the cards which is in use at condos in the GTA.

Indala Key Card

Indala™ Key Card

An Indala™ Key Card used at Condos in Toronto, such as Delisle Place

Maple Leaf Square HID™

HID™ fob for Maple Leaf Square

L Tower HID Fob


2 button remote


2-button remote (we can only copy the condo fob part, not the garage door opener)



2-button remote (we can only copy the RFID part, not the garage door opener)

Blue HID Fob


Blue HID fob with no embossed front

Currently Unable to Duplicate

LiftMaster 374UT


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Amano Key Fob

DKS LSD69T (2 button)


DKS Proximity Tag

Erone Series 02

Erone Series 02 (2 button)

Farpointe WRT-2+

FDI Proximity Key

HID™ Card

Indala FlexKey for 235 Bloor

HID™ Indala™ FlexKey 235 Bloor

235 Bloor Indala™ FlexKey fob. It is notable because it is "double sealed," meaning that it has a second layer of plastic between the actual chip and the outside world. It should hold up better than some other fobs.

IDTeck proximity tag

ioProx P40KEY

Kantech ioProx P72WLS (2 button)

Keri PSK-3

Keyscan K-TX2

Keyscan K-INTX2


LiftMaster 890MAX

Linear Formatted Trans Prox (1 button)

Linear Formatted Trans Prox (4 button)

MiwaLock proximity key tag

Monarch 318

Paradox RAC1

Paradox C704 proximity key tag


Rosslare AT-R261BL

Rosslare AT-R271GJ

Siedle electronic key-ring

Erone Series MINI

Keri PKT Fob

Keri PKT


Blue HID

Blue/Purple HID

HID with embossed blue or purple part

Capital Fire Security Fob

Capital Fire & Security

Two grey buttons remote

Remote with two great buttons

We cannot copy remotes