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What are the main components of a good condo key fob system

September 24. 2021
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Every good rfid installation is only as good as the research and time you put towards investigating to find the right equipment for your needs.

  • Rfid key fob – This is your rfid key, that contains a unique code that connects to the special software that validates keys to grant access past the doors in restricted areas.
  • Door Sensor – Door sensors allow the software and the person monitoring the software to know if a door has been opened.
  • Access card / fob readers – This is where you tap or swipe a magnetic stripe card or a rfid fob / card to gain access. The readers are usually connected to the main system and allow for the fob /card to communicate with the main system.
  • Intercom – This a device that allows guests and tenants to communicate. They are usually installed in the main entrance areas.
  • Security cameras – for a extra layer of security, you can add security cameras to your installation
  • Alarm System – some rfid systems contain a alert system. If certain events occur the alarm will be triggered.
  • Battery Backup / Alternative power source – It is extremely important to have backup measures in case of power failures. If a power failure occurs and you have no alternative power source the Rfid key fobs will not get authorized.
  • Exit buttons – Due to fire regulations in many city’s. You can not use a key or fob to exit a building. Exit buttons or emergency door openers are installed for a fast easy exit.

To conclude, talk to a security specialist, let them do a survey of your location. They will give you a list of what is needed at a minimum to have a secure property. Once you have figured out what you want, get 3 quotes. You can save thousands. Just make sure your not compromising security for value.

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