Keyscan 2 button Garage remote fob copy

Keyscan fob and remote copy

Keyscan 2 button Garage remote fob copyKeyscan 4 button garage remote fob copy

Get your Keyscan or Veretex garage remote copied now. Takes only 5 minutes. We can copy it with and without the proximity feature.

The Keyscan remote is a very popular remote among Condo buildings and Apartments. Condo management usually only assign one remote per parking spot. And if your remote is lost, they can charge anywhere from $150 to $450 to replace, and can weeks to months sometimes to receive a new one.

This is why its a good idea to get your Keyscan or Vertex remote copied. You can give one to every person that operates the vehicle, with out the headaches of organizing who has the remote. And with out the worries that if you lose the original you will have to pay those high prices.

We will duplicate your Keyscan Garage remote on the spot. Takes approximately 5 minutes. Visit us today at Fobcopy

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