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Key Cutting

Key Cutting

Wenxing Key Cutting Machine

We now offer a key-cutting service in addition to fob copying. From now on, you no longer have to go to two different places to get your fob copied and your metal key cut.

Even if you don’t need your fob copied, we can cut your key for you.

Just come into our office at 21 Vaughan Road, near St. Clair and Bathurst, and we’ll cut your key in moments.



Key Cutting Fees

Metal Keys Fob Copy Cuts



How do I know you can copy my key?

Fob Copy Cuts These Metal Keys

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If you what to be sure before coming, simply text us a photo of you key. We will text you back with the answer. 647-292-3276

Do you do car keys?

It depends on the model, simply text us a photo and we will let you know.


Do you do garage door remote duplication?

We cannot copy remotes, only metal keys and RFID condo fobs.

What if you copied my key but when I got home it did not work?

We stand by our product; simply return the key and a full refund or exchange will be applied.