Keri Condo Building Fob Key Copy

The Keri fob is a tear drop  fob that comes in both low frequency and high frequency.  At, we make a perfect duplicate  so you can have a spare fob for your building. All our services are guaranteed.

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How does it Work?

Cloning a condo key fob only takes a few minutes and can save you hundreds of dollars. We guarantee that the fob will work for your condo or apartment or your money back.

Read your Key Fob

We use our readers to read and decode the code on your fob key.

Write your Key Fob

The exact code that was decoded, is written to a blank fob key

Verify it's Identical

Verify that both original and copy are identical fob keys

Keri-PKT-10X tag Specifications:

Keri’s PKT-10X Proximity Key fob provides user convenience in a small, ergonomic, and extremely durable package. The fob is equipped with a brass eyelet for attachment to a key ring that ensures the neck of the tag will not break during the life of the system. Key fobs are especially convenient for building entrances where the user still has their car keys in hand. If the system has many interior doors that are secured with a Keri access control system, users often attach the fob to a lanyard for easy carrying, especially if the clothing does not have pockets. If parking gates are secured by an access control system, a Keri Proximity Card is recommended because the tag is usually hanging with the keys in the ignition.

-  Low frequency, (High Frequency also available)
- Durable outer casing and key ring hole
- Resistant to cracking/breaking
- Can be attached to key rings

398 B Vaughan Rd.
Toronto, Ontario M6C 2Z8
(416) 531-3333

* Parking is available at rear of building from Arlington Ave.