Fob Copy Infrared IR condo garage remote

Infrared IR remote City Place Toronto

Infrared IR condo garage remote

We can now duplicate the Infrared one button remote to work perfectly like the original.

The Infrared IR Fob remote works similar to a television remote, you point it to the device you want to turn on or open and press the button. In this case you will be using it to open doors, elevators and garages. Once the button is pressed the remote IR emitter send a hexadecimal number to the IR receiver, the receiver the communicates to the main computer if the hexadecimal code is valid. If its valid the door, garage or elevator will open.

Unlike other fobs that do not use Infrared technology or battery’s to operate. This garage remote operates on battery’s. The battery can last quite a long time.

Our research and development team was able to replicate the functions of this remote. And have tested it thoroughly to operate just like the original.

Here at Fobcopy, we specialize in duplicating this remote perfectly. It takes approximately 10 minutes to clone and test. Almost all of our competitors are not able to copy this Fob.



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