ICT Condo Garage Remote Fob Copy

ICT Condo remote is a popular choice for Apartments and Condo's, However management usually charges hundreds of dollars. We Duplicate your ICT remote at a fraction of the cost. Original remotes come in 2 or 4 buttons, all buttons can be replicated on our remote..

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How to copy ICT Garage Remote?

Cloning a condo garage remote fob only takes a few minutes and can save you hundreds of dollars. We guarantee that the garage remote will work for your condo or apartment or your money back.

We scan your garage remote

Remote is scaned to read and decode the code on your garage remote.

A Clone of  Remote is made

The exact code that was decoded, is written to a blank compatible remote

Verify it's Identical

We verify that both original and copy are identical fob keys

ICT Garage Remote RF-REM2-433 and RF-REM4-433 Specifications:

The Wireless 433MHz 2 or 4 Button Transmitter is designed for long range wireless access control of garage doors or sliding gates. Each transmitter is encoded with a Wiegand compatible ID number so that usage can be controlled and recorded by most electronic access control systems on the market. This high quality transmitter is also hermetically sealed to protect against water or other foreign substances. Delivering an impressive read range from 100 to 200m (328 to 656ft) in open environments, this transmitter offers both convenience and security with unmatched performance.

- Long range, up to 200m (656ft)
- 2 or 4 buttons for access control and personal alarm
- Conveniently attaches to key chain
- Standard Wiegand output
- Rolling code prevents duplication
- Optional DESFire, MIFARE, or HID proximity device for short range use
- Hermetically sealed (waterproof)

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