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Fob Copy - About Us

About me:

I got into this business because of my own frustration trying to copy a fob in Toronto. Recently I became a father and I moved the family into a bigger apartment in Toronto. The good thing is my wife’s and my family are hands-on; we have family visiting all the time. Her sister even is staying with us for the first 6 month since my sons’ birth to help out.

 I needed more fobs for my apartment. Having extra fobs would mean that family can enter the garage without me running downstairs to let them in and not going back downstairs to let them out. My sister-in-law could come and go as she pleases. My mother can come over to help around the house. 

So I did what most people would do, I asked the landlord of my building in Toronto for more fobs. Well the process was slow, it was 6 weeks before I finally got the extra fobs and even then I feel like I could use 1 or 2 more, but I just did not want to pester my landlord.I did try getting my own fobs duplicated but got the same line everywhere I went, “Sorry we can’t do this type of fob”. 

That is why I started www.fobcopy.ca.

About the technology:

It was once said, “Behind every store clerk is a software engineer.” Okay I don’t think anyone said that but this fob technology is not easy. I rely on some very smart people to make this happen. Also this technology is getting more complex by the day. We will do what we can to supply you, the fob owner, with options in the future.

About security:

We are fanatical about your security, we know this is the foundation of our business. We erase all information unless you request otherwise.

About the terms of service:

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