DKS Condo Garage Remote Duplication

The DKS condo garage remote is widely used for Condos, Apartment garages, and Access gates. Fobcopy can copy your remote, so you can have a spare in case you damage your original. DKS Remotes come in 1, 2 or 3 Buttons. It only takes a few minutes to get your clone made.

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How to copy DKS Garage Remote?

Cloning a condo garage remote only takes a few minutes and can save you hundreds of dollars. We guarantee that the garage remote will work for your condo or apartment or your money back.

We scan your garage remote

Remote is scaned to read and decode the code on your garage remote.

A Clone of  Remote is made

The exact code that was decoded, is written to a blank compatible remote

Verify it's Identical

We verify that both original and copy are identical fob keys

DKS MicroPlus Garage remote Specification:s

- DKS MICROPLUS® garage remotes operate at the 318Mhz frequency
- Provides remote operation of access gates from the safety and convenience of a vehicle
- DKS MICROPLUS® transmitter codes will activate the control system
- Over 286,000,000 transmitter codes available plus an encrypted “sync” code that changes every time the transmitter is used
- PROXMTR® includes a built in proximity card with the MICROPLUS transmitter combining both RF and card access control into a single compact unit
Transmitters available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 buttons. (If you need proximity on your garage remote copy a additional fee will apply)
- ​MICROPLUS® RF controls may be used as a stand-alone access control system or can be interfaced with 26, 30 or 31-bit wiegand controllers

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