Mircom, Keyscan, RBH, Farpoint Data, Keri Systems, Hartmann Controls, Cansec Condo Garage Remote Fob Copy

IThe remote goes by many names Mircom, Keyscan, RBH, Farpoint Data, Keri Systems, Hartmann Controls and possibly many more. It is the same remote. It comes in 2 buttons or four buttons. The buttons can be different colors. Fobcopy can make a perfect duplicate for you to use at your Condo. Don't pay expensive Condo fee's. Save get one from Fobcopy.ca

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How to copy your Garage Remote?

Cloning a condo garage remote fob only takes a few minutes and can save you hundreds of dollars. We guarantee that the garage remote will work for your condo or apartment or your money back.

We scan your garage remote

Remote is scaned to read and decode the code on your garage remote.

A Clone of  Remote is made

The exact code that was decoded, is written to a blank compatible remote

Verify it's Identical

We verify that both original and copy are identical fob keys


Models: Mircom TX3, Farpointe Data T8I-Ranger, T8I-Ranger2, RBH, Keri Systems, Hartmann Controls, Cansec (WRT-2, WRT-4, TX-WRT-2H, TX-WRT-4H

- Built to last with IP65 rating
- 433mhz Operating Frequency
- Long Range Receiver Compatible
- Secure Transmission: Rolling Code + Algorithm
- Integraded red led activated when button is pressed

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* Parking is available at rear of building from Arlington Ave.