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Car Key Cutting and Remote Programming

Car Key and Remote

We now offer car key cutting and remote programming for 90% of all vehicles.

Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, Dodge, Chrysler and Kia Just to name a few.


The services we offer:

  • Key Cutting – Older Keys do not have a transponder and are cheaper to cut because they do not require programming.
  • Key Cutting and Transponder programming – This service requires vehicle access to pair the Key to the vehicle.
  • Key Cutting and Remote Programming – This service requires vehicle access for the pairing of remote and Key.
  • Smart Key – This service requires vehicle access to program the smart key.

Why go to your dealer and pay high prices. We have some of the best prices in the city.

For pricing visit our website or click here for pricing


How it works?

You make a appointment by contacting us by phone or by visiting at

Once you arrive at your appointment, you can park anywhere outside as close to the store as possible. Then come in and let us know that you arrived. We will do the rest.

Please allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for us to complete the service.


*Please keep in mind, some parking around us require that you make payment. You are responsible for all parking fee’s.

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