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Best RFID Fobs

March 30. 2017
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What is the best fob for your condo?

Now that RFID fob systems are commonplace, providing security for entering the common-areas of condominiums, we need to know what the best fob for your condo. There are tons of different kinds of fobs. Is one better than the rest?


Fobs with Passive RFID Tags vs Remotes with Active RFID Tags

First, if your condo is using an RFID fob system with readers, you need to make sure you get the right fobs There are two kinds:

  • “Passive” RFID tags – these are tags that are waived in front of readers for entry.
  • “Active” RFID tags – these tags come in remotes, and the user must press a button to gain access.

This page deals with fobs with passive tags, rather than remotes with active tags.



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Datawatch fob

Datawatch key fob

Datawatch – Datawatch is the name of a company that provides all manner of controlled access services to office buildings and condos. Their fobs are part of their system, rather than separate fobs purchased for use with a system.

Ice Condo Fob PRGX


PROX Fob – A distinct fob with a slightly purple middle part, this is one of the most commonly used fobs at Toronto condos.

ProxKey II HID

HID™ ProxKey II

ProxKey II – A long, narrow grey fob, this one is widely in use in Toronto even though it is no longer being manufactured, replaced by the ProxKey III.

ProxKey III – ProxKey III replaced the ProxKey II.

Schlage IBF-110 – The IBF 110 is a narrow fob that looks like two wheels linked by a chain.

Securakey Radio Key RKKT01 – The RKKT01 is a oval, black fob that is frequently used at condos in Toronto.

Securakey Radio Key RKKT02 – The RKKT02 looks identical to its sister fob, the RKKT01.

XceedID 7610 – Round on one end, triangular on the other, the 7610 is used by some condos in Toronto.



Condoplex Card

Condoplex Proximity Card

Condoplex Proximity Card – Condoplex provides a wallet-sized plastic card alternative to a keychain fob.

Indala Key Card

Indala™ Key Card – Indala™ fobs are in use at many condos in Toronto, however some buildings have opted for the wallet-sized plastic card that Indala™ also makes.

Verex GProx Proximity Access Card

Verex G-Prox Card – Like Indala™, Verex makes both the key-chain fobs and the wallet-sized cards. There is no meaningful difference in security, rather just a difference in how the tenants carry their fobs.


These are just some of the options available. What works best for your building is up to you.

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